About My Store



I have been building leather holsters since the 1970's. That's right, folks, that is 4 decades of making leather products!

My love for custom made leather holsters grew and soon I was getting orders to build custom holsters. So much so, I have been able to build a professional business that I love and am excited about every day. Today, I have a line of standard models which are still MADE TO ORDER. Every order is built one-at-a-time in my one man shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.


All my holsters are made of vegetable tanned leathers. Each holster is hand fit to the proper gun mold, only high quality dyes and finishes are used and are applied by hand. You will not find Kydex, sheet metal or plastic in my holsters. They are hand built with genuine leather. I take great care to not be wasteful, using as much of the leather as I possibly can. Quality is built in for the pride of ownership.

Western holsters for the cowboy action shooter and SASS organizations are usually fully lined holsters and belts. Some models can be built unlined.

I can build a rig like the Border Town, or fancy yours up with spots, tooling and conchos. I will also gladly install custom silver from your collection.


Each holster is hand molded for proper fit. I build holsters that work and wear well for years! I use the proper weight leathers to support your gun in concealing your weapon from the public view. Conceal and carry is a serious business, you want the proper equipment. WITH 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS A PEACE OFFICER, I have tried just about every method of CCW carry. I will share my knowledge with you. With pleasure.


I also build custom work for customers, some great ideas have come across my work bench by the gun carrying public. If you have an idea or you see something that you like, you can contact me by sending me an email to timstart@netzero.com.

I look forward to working with you.
Tim Start