Interested in learning leather craft?  Great! I love teaching it. I love teaching this craft because I feel that it is my responsibility, if possible, to pass on the know-how and the “what not to do’s” to interested students. I have over 5 decades of knowledge that I am eager to pass on to you.

This is how I have set up my studio for students:

Orientation $75

The orientation includes materials and 4 hours of instruction. This is a mandatory class. It is set up this way so that you learn the basics before you take on your project and so that we can get to know each other.  You will learn: my studio rules, types of leather, leather terminology, how to layout a pattern, proper cutting, proper tool usages, and assembly, and lacing. These 4 hours are done is one session. In case of emergencies it can be done in two days.

The project: A pouch, or it can be a cartridge pouch, or a belt bag. It is a useful item if you are a shooter, hunter, go to festivals, use small bags, or perhaps want to give it as a gift.


After completing this orientation class, in future classes the student will choose their own projects.  Each class will be two hours long, and will cost $40. Materials are not included. We will discuss each project before our class starts to gauge necessary material to purchase and to estimate how much time the project will take to complete. It is absolutely important to come to class with all the necessary materials. I will try to advise you on each project to keep you on track. I will continue to provide tools for shop use only. I will also kindly suggest tools if you want to purchase your own.

We will try to stay within the time-allotted, but sometimes we won’t be able to depending on how fast or how slowly you grasp the craft. Therefore, there may be homework. Tools are not to leave the studio therefore you may need to buy some tools to have at home.

These classes are on a one-on-one basis or if you want to schedule a group class- you can!

I look forward to working with you.

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