Shoulder Holster


Image of Shoulder Holster

This is a great holster for both men and women!

A unique shoulder holster design. It is developed after years of wearing poorly designed and uncomfortable holsters. I developed this holster for many hours of comfortable wear.

The shoulder harness has an elongated back piece that distributes the gun weight evenly. The top strap is wide nylon which does not lose its shape. The bottom strap is a high-quality wide elastic. This allows you to move, bend, and stretch without binding.

All straps are adjustable for size.

The holster is high pressure molded with a thumb break safety. There are two mag pouches. The magazines are held in with compression screws. This allows you to set your own tension.

-The holster is made from genuine veg tan leather.
-Rides very comfortably.
-Well balanced using two magazine pouches with the elongated back piece.
-The nylon pieces reduce sweating.

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Available in black only.

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